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UK Official Store - Foldable, compact treadmill for home use.

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WalkingPad Treadmill Series

Maintain and improve your health by engaging in a light exercise in short bursts of time with Walkingpad treadmill.

Best treadmill for home

90% of the space is saved with our super compact WalkingPad treadmill. Easy way to get some exercise at any time in your home or apartment or office. No assembly required, easy to move.

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Under Desk Treadmill

Start your 2023 with the best folding treadmill. With the fording WalkingPad treadmill, you'll be able to get more exercise while balancing work and play.

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Life fitness treadmill, enjoy running

Stay on track with your fitness routine, no matter what the weather is doing. WalkingPad treadmill ensures that your fitness goals can be met, and help with the sedentary lifestyle during the work week. Put this folding treadmill under your bed/sofa after you're done with it.

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Awards For The Best In Design

WalkingPad Awards

Award-winning WalkingPads treadmills have been recognized for their original design, aesthetic factors, fine product details, cutting-edge manufacture, and innovative folding technology, as well as their intelligent, user-friendly operation.
  • Red Dot Design Award for 2019,2022

  • IF Design Award for 2019, 2022

  • Good Design Award for 2020

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