The Difference Between Walking Pad R1 Pro and Walking Pad R2

The Difference Between Walking Pad R1 Pro and Walking Pad R2

WalkingPad R2 treadmill as a new walkingpad machine, everyone compare it with WalkingPad R1 Pro once it came out. Next, Kingsmith will introduce the difference between WalkingPad R1 Pro and R2. All the machines in the industry are too big to waste space at home, while the installation is troublesome, while R series go and run all-in-one machine, folding patent to meet the needs of home space to save, at the same time, free installation technology save worry and effort, auxiliary semi-hidden roller patented technology, simple movement is not a thing.


Walking Pad R2 vs R1 Pro: Design

Walkingpad R2 vs. R1 Pro: DesignR2, the most compelling reasons remain the 180° foldable body, which only has an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters. Then update its appearance with Featuring metal texture spray paint processing and right angle aesthetic design to make it more ornate and wearable. The luxurious pedal design (with non-slip rubber material) ensures a safe running experience. In particular, the armrest design of R2 will not produce static electricity in the dry environment.

Walking Pad R2 vs. R1 Pro: Features

WalkingPad R2 comes with a better storage box and phone holder, which allows you to have fun while running and not miss any good times. And say goodbye to the embarrassment of having nowhere to place the remote control and security lock.

The WalkingPad R2 has 20 adjustable speeds: 0.5 km for distraction-free writing and gaming, under 2 km for reading and mobile time, under 3 km for watching TV shows, 4 km for focused walking, 6 km for jogging, 10 minutes sweating and 10 km/h for fast running.

WalkingPad R2 also offers a new way to connect your KS Fit app with Bluetooth. This can improve your connection speed.

Walkingpad R2 vs R1 Pro: Conclusions

R2 retains the integrated skeleton of R1, foldability, quiet brushless motor, soft shock absorption running belt and so on. It has been upgraded in function and appearance, making it more durable, more beautiful and more convenient for home use.

Five reasons to choose the new R2 treadmill 
Better design  ✓ Sports style design
✓ Luxury car pedals design inspiration
✓ Bangs handrail design 
More convenient storage ✓ Enjoy the movement
✓ More convenient storage of the remote control and security lock 
Better details  ✓ Upgrade details are more intimate 
Stronger stability  ✓ Steel handrails are more stable 
Better ad  ✓ Acrylic + LED lamp beads make the dispaly better 

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